Thai Property Guide is a residential Real Estate Agency, founded in Bangkok in 1987. We specialize in providing high-end residences for international executives based in Bangkok, Thailand. Our primary focus is  helping expats and families look for a home in Bangkok, in the right location and at the right price.  We have over 10,000 listings and we operate on a close client-agent basis, after initially discussing your needs.

Residential Rental Agency Services
Property Visitation: Our English-speaking sales agents are trained to select and show our expat clientele suitable homes, in the right location, at the right price, according to the needs of each family.
Orientation: We also familiarize expats with the neighborhood: how to get settled here in Bangkok, the closest grocery and shopping centers, hospitals, schools, and sports clubs.
Negotiation & Lease Agreement: We help with the negotiations of all the rental details before you move in with a meticulous attitude that makes sure to get things right the first time. We also help to vet the Lease Agreements, making sure to advise both landlord and tenant on common practice and their liabilities according to Thai Law.
Handover (moving in): We assist the tenant and owner in evaluating the property and recording the state of the furnishings and the leased residence before moving in to facilitate negotiations after moving out. We also check the working conditions of the leased residence and make certain it is ready to handover. In addition, we personally introduce the tenant to the landlord and to the necessary contacts responsible for the maintenance of the leased residence.